Warm-Up is a modular system. This allows you to later buy the electric traction system.

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Dyno 4WD Synchro


Warm-Up 4WD PRO is a brand new roller bench, tailored both for engine testing and for last generation cars, vans or LCVs fine tuning.
A sound design and a thorough manufacturing make Warm-Up 4WD PRO a valuable tool for top tuners.

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Warm-up 4WD PRO is completely designed, manufactured and tested in Italy. Its mechanical components and structures have been galvanized, the rotating shafts (50 mm diameter) are made of reinfroced steel, the mechanical couplings are fitted with elastic joints thus giving reliability and compatability to its production.


Its eddy current brakes apply up to 160 kgm braking torque; moreover its data acquisition system is able to syncronize the data stream from bench sensors with the ones coming from vehicle EOBD-CAN interface. The electrical driven roller
actuation makes Warm-up 4WD PRO able to test the vehicles equipped with non-detachable traction control system.


aquisitionWarm-Up PRO algorithm requires a brief data entry and in a few steps it outputs torque and power measurements both at wheel and at crankshaft. The user needs to input a reduced set of vehicle data, to perform a calibration of the rpm/speed ratio, and at last to accelerate at full load.
The measurements are performed according to SAE J1349: therefore the calculations are corrected against environmental conditions.
The data outputs may be stored, compared, averaged, printed and exported in spreedsheet format.

Warm-Up 4WD PRO is fully equipped with its electronics, firmware, HMI software, wide band lambda probes, wireless remote control, cabling, user manuals and technical documentation.