Warm-Up is a modular system. This allows you to later buy the electric traction system.

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4WD Dyno


Warm-Up 4wD PRO is our bestseller product for the customer who wants to have no limitations in his daily work. Furthermore the two basic modules of the 4WD architecture guarantees a compact layout for the test area.

A strong mechanical design and a very accurate assembly make this test bench a valuable product for high level preparers. All mechanical parts are galvanized, the boxes are cataphoretic coated, the shafts are made in hardened steel with a diameter of 50 mm. Every component is designed, produced and tested in Italy.

4WD PRO shares with 2WD version the same mechanical design and the same components quality. An electromechanical mechanism implements the wheel spacing adjustment. The movement is guaranteed by an electric motor equipped with hardened steel rack. The two modules are connected to each other by renforced sliding platform by a tubular frame that makes them light and strong.



The data acquisition system of this bench is based on a fast data acquisition DAQ real-time. Its core is an advanced FPGA which allows high-speed calculations and hardware-level precision. 8 differential analog input channels,16 digital I/O ports, 1 CAN-BUS port, 2 RS-485 ports, 2 RS- 232 ports, 1 Ethernet port make Warm-Up expandable and ready for new deployments and software upgrades. The PC host is connected via WI-FI at the roller bench and the system has remote update routines of the software: the diagnosis and maintenance of the roller bench are not a problem even for the farest customer.






Warm-Up 4WD PRO is the best choice for a quick and convenient evaluation of car and LCV performance. Warm-Up 4WD PRO comes supplied with acquisition electronics, user interface software, wideband lambda probe, wireless remote control, cables, user manuals and certifications.

Technical specifications:

  spunta verdeMax braking Torque per axle: 1600 Nm

  spunta verdeMax speed: 317 km/h

  spunta verdeDiameter of Rollers: 400 mm

  spunta verdeLength of rollers: 700 mm

  spunta verdeVariable pitch: from 0,8 to 2,9m

  spunta verdeMaximum load for each roller set: 2.500 kg

  spunta verdeMaximum load for each roller set: 2.500 kg

  spunta verdePneumatic locking of the rollers

  spunta verdePower supply of the bench: Vac three phase 400V

Electronic acquisition with embedded real-time hardware, Barometric station for automatic correction of measurement, Host PC with user interface software.