Warm-Up is a modular system. This allows you to later buy the electric traction system.

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Warm-Up 2WD is not only an high quality roller dyno but also, thanks to its exclusive software capabilities, an unique tool for advanced diagnostics and precise engine tune-up
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Warm-Up 2WD PRO is a cost effective roller bench designed as an entry level system suitable for workshops, racing teams, engineering activities and car dealers.
Its modular structure and the real-time based CPU controller makes this bench easily upgradable to a 4WD, thus saving customer investments.
Thanks to the EOBD telemetry feature Warm-UP 2WD shares the same results database of the 4WD dyno models. Main applications of this bench are:

  spunta verdeVehicle acceptance and after repairing test

  spunta verdeEngine cooling system test.

  spunta verdeOn road simulation under safe conditions.

  spunta verdeUsed car overall verification.

  spunta verdeEmission tests under user selectable load conditions


Up to 5000 rpm balanced rollers
400mm rollers external diameter
50 mm rollers shaft diameter
6mm frame thickness
Dyno height 360 mm
High speed special ball-bearings
Sand-blasting and cataphoresis painting
boring and grinding treatment
powder final painting
Maximum braking power  600kW
Maximum speed          317 Km/h
Current supply          400 V
Standard colours       Yellow/ Black    - all  Black
Available colours       Red/Black- Orange/Black- Blue/Black

A strong mechanical design and a very accurate assembly make this test bench a valuable product for high level preparers. All mechanical parts are galvanized, the boxes are cataphoretic coated, the shafts are made in hardened steel with a diameter of 50 mm. Every component is designed, produced and tested in Italy.
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