A parameter necessary to perform the bench test is the calculation of A parameter necessary to perform the bench test is the calculation of the ratio between the number of engine revolutions and the speed of the car. The ratio is useful for accurately establishing the distribution of torque and power over the operating range of the engine expressed in RPM.For vehicles equipped with C-CAN communication it is possible to perform the calculation automatically by taking data from EOBD. For vehicles not equipped with this communication system, it is possible to carry out the calculation in a few seconds, establishing, before setting, the RPM set used for the selected gear.Once the value is obtained, the power test can be carried out immediately.


A wrong calculation of the ratio leads to a wrong evaluation of the torque value as it is strictly related to the power through the number of RPM:

P = C*ω

With ω which expresses the number of rotations per minute of the engine.

This can lead to serious errors of evaluation that may or may not be desired. By overly changing the ratio between the number of revolutions and speed, very different values are obtained, as shown in the following picture:


Changing the Ratio from the initial value of 47.06 to 27.06, with the same gear, we obtain a different development of the graph (1500-3500 RPM against the real 1500-6000 RPM), and a different value of torque! (48.8 kgm against real 28.1Kgm !!).

So we must always pay attention to any changes to this fundamental parameter that would lead to serious errors in the evaluation of the torque.

WhatsApp Image 2017 11 20 at 15.3892.01The cooling fans are a necessary tool to carry out power tests of the cars. This is because the cars are designed for operation in motion which allows the intake of air necessary for engine operation and its cooling by the radiator in a natural way. This unfortunately can not be obtained during the tests, as the car is kept stationary.

Our cooling system consists of two coupled fans of 2.2 kW each, which offer extreme safety in operation even at very high ambient temperatures.

An inverter allows variable speed operation, which can be adjusted directly using our Warm-up software. In this way it's possible to operate the fans at different speeds depending on rolling speed of the wheels, obtaining, according to the electric consumption, a very high cooling efficiency.


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A test bench that is up to date, now must be able to communicate with the cars so you can have both diagnostic information together with power and torque, with extreme simplicity, directly from the sensors in the vehicle.

Warm-Up 4WD Synchro thanks to its advanced software is able to derive this data using the communication protocols EOBD-CAN and  ISO15765-4, compatible with almost all cars since the year 2000.

Moreover, thanks to our bluetooth interface, it is possible to communicate with the car without troublesome cables that can cause hindrance during operations, thus increasing safety at work.